I tried Data Studio, I really did.

So on my recent forray into writing a stored procedure, I tried to use Data Studio. It wasn’t quite as horrible as I remember GUIS. The main thing I hated was that when it lost its connection, it didn’t tell me, and I had to go in and figure out why my create procedure statement was suddenly failing. If we’re going to go the gui route, it seems like it should go whole hog, and when it realizes the connection is lost, pop up a box saying “hey, you lost your connection, click here to reconnect”. I also gave up and pulled out my SQL to explain and analyze it myself at the command line because I wasn’t having much luck doing it through Data Studio, and I thought that would be one of the things it would excel at.

So I’m going to try it some more. I did like that it gave me the general procedure structure (would have taken me 5 or 10 minutes to find that via google/info center). I’m working on training a colleague who wants to be a dba, and he is very GUI-oriented, so I’m going to take the hint and try to learn for myself. But so far, I’m not impressed – give me my command line.

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