The Least you can do for DB2 Performance

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  1. DBplatz says:

    Hi Ember,
    I’m using the SYSIBMADM.TBSP_UTILIZATION admin view to monitor SMS and DMS tablespaces. Since I’ve turned on the monitor switch DFT_MON_BUFPOOL, it shows all the SMS as TBSP_UTILIZATION_PERCENT = 100
    Is that correct? It looks confusing for SMS tablespaces as they are allowed to consume all of the space in the file system and there is plenty of space in the FS.

    • Ember Crooks says:

      SMS tablespaces will generally show as 100% utilized from the DB perspective. These must be monitored at the filesystem level and not the database level.

  2. nagendra says:

    Hi ember
    Iam having performance problem from application side that when ever they select any tab it is taking lot of time to load and submit.
    I ran the runstats and reorgs on tables then it will be ok.But after some time they are facing same issue again.
    They scheduled a job which run for every ten minutes.

    • Ember Crooks says:

      Performance is a complicated topic that cannot be easily covered or resolved in a few messages. If you’re running runstats every 10 minutes, that is too frequent. Daily is as often as I generally go for runstats across the database, unless the data is unusually mercurial. Other jobs can certainly run that frequently or more frequently. I’d be analyzing the SQL to see if an index would help, and also taking a look at key performance indicators to see if I could identify the area the problem is in.

      • nagendra says:

        I found the cause for the slow performance is when archival logs are commiting at that time my db performance is i increased the logfilesiz parameter and also softmax parameter.
        logfilsiz :1024 to 250000
        softmax :720 to 1.
        after changing these two it was working fine but when archival logs are commiting at that time db performance is slow for only sometime.can you help me in this

        • Ember Crooks says:

          Have you looked at the size of the log buffer through the values of log pages read and log pages written? Have you looked at monreport.dbsummary to see where the wait time or processing time is being used?

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