What do you script?

This is a quick follow up to my last post – Scripting/Automation for DBAs. In addition to what that post covered, it’s important to think about what you script/automate and what you don’t. My picks for what absolutely must be automated include:

  1. Backups
  2. Reorgs
  3. Runstats
In addition, I also automate/script:
  1. Clean up of the diag log, notify log, and the diag path
  2. Retention of transaction logs
  3. Periodic snapshots writing data to disk or to tables
  4. A script to check maintenance basics and catch failures of other scripts (I check reorgs within 30 days, runstats within 7 days, and backups within 7 days)
  5. Tracking table sizes over time
  6. Looking for unexpected database changes
  7. Monitoring – instance up, database connect, HADR OK, log file saturation, etc – through the tool my company uses for enterprise monitoring
  8. Data pruning – deleting obsolete data on a daily basis
  9. Configuration gathering – getting basic configuration information written out for disaster recovery
I have some data refreshes that are also scripted, though not scheduled – the developers can execute them when desired. I’ve never been a fan of scripting actual database restores that are used for data refreshes between environments.
What do you script and what do you not script and why?

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