Adding Custom Staging Triggers

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3 Responses

  1. Róbelis says:

    Hi Ember,

    Following your tips how to creatte triggers for custom tables everything was ok, but now, I have just one doubt. If there are 2 or more columns in the primary key, what do I need to do ? How can I define the trigger for this case?

    Thank You,


  2. Róbelis says:

    Hi Ember,

    ups..You can ignore the question.
    There are others columns in the staglog tables for do reference in these cases of PK with multiple columns.

    Thank you,


    • Ember Crooks says:

      It was a tough week for me to get to comments, sorry. But your comments are important for others to see. Note that becauase of the column limitations, the primary key for stagingproped tables can consist of no more than 3 BIGINT fields and 2 VARCHAR(254) or less columns.

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