Parameter Wednesday – DB CFG – pckcachesz

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  1. SACHIN says:

    My package cache hit ratio is coming out fine to 99 % . It is not set to automatic . Package cache size (4KB) (PCKCACHESZ) = 15000

    db2 get snapshot for database on xxxx| grep “Package cache”
    Package cache lookups = 63917060
    Package cache inserts = 159813
    Package cache overflows = 132
    Package cache high water mark (Bytes) = 613886467

    But still in db2diag.log it is giveing overflow error as below. Overflows 132 times. Could this lead the performace issue.. or Is there any issues.

    MESSAGE : ADM4500W A package cache overflow condition has occurred. There is
    no error but this indicates that the package cache has exceeded the
    configured maximum size. If this condition persists, you should
    perform additional monitoring to determine if you need to change the
    PCKCACHESZ DB configuration parameter. You could also set it to
    REPORT : APM : Package Cache : info
    IMPACT : Unlikely
    DATA #1 : String, 274 bytes
    Package Cache Overflow
    memory needed : 817
    current used size (OSS) : 61403058
    maximum cache size (APM) : 59596800
    maximum logical size (OSS): 613885331
    maximum used size (OSS) : 629473280
    owned size (OSS) : 75300864
    number of overflows : 132

    Please help thanks and Regards

  2. venkat says:

    hi pls look at command you mentioned for updating pckcachesz parameter. you have written dbm instead of db,

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