My Full Episode of The DB2Night Show is Number 3 in Popularity!

Any of my readers who know me or even met me at the IDUG 2012 know that I’m still pretty new to writing and presenting on DB2 topics. I still get a thrill out of every comment and every contact I get from my blog or anyone who even mentions they’ve read it or heard of me. So you can imagine my schoolgirl squeal of delight when I learned that the episode of the DB2Night show that I did in January of 2012 was #3 in terms of popularity for the third season! Over 3,000 people have downloaded it! To me, that’s an astonishing number. Check out DBI’s post about last season here: And if you haven’t watched it, download and check out my episode: The DB2Night Show #66: Top 10 Tips for e-Commerce Databases

I’ll have a spot in season 4, too I believe. I’m working on a lot of things right now – trying to get caught up on blogging after a vacation, trying to get an article published on developerWorks, submitting a proposal to present at IDUG 2013, and another episode of the DB2Night Show – probably in December.

I’m a big fan of the DB2Night show – I’m amazed how even when the topic isn’t one that really targets my interests, I still come away with inspiration and ideas. Season 4 starts on Friday, September 7th ( I’ll be attending as many as I can and watching others after the replays are posted online.

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  1. Hello Ember, yes, congratulations on this terrific achievement! According to my records, you will be our guest again on 14 December 2012 at 10am Central – but we don’t know what you’re going to talk about yet, so let me know!

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