How to Become a DB2 DBA

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  1. Manohar Viswanatha says:

    Its a very good post started by you EMBER ……………..

    Well im not going to ask suggestion for wanting to be a DBA as im already ………..rather i would give some ……..rather harsh pointed

    DBA is not an easy job …………remember if you decide to become to a DBA , then that moment itself you started the most painful moments in your life………….

    In other way

    Its the most loving job if you have some passion of being a DBA

    Well why im telling this …………… you are the only one in the whole categories of the sector who deals directly with the data……………when i say data ,dont take it data , take it as DATA with the bold letters and underline it …as the only important term in the real world now is DATA .

    So EMBER its better to suggest people with the line “DARE TO BE A DBA”

  2. Pankaj Sharma says:

    Hi Ember

    Like you article. I’m trying to step in to the DB2 DBA for LUW. But to my surprise there are very few blogs and study material available for DB2 LUW except docs provided by IBM. I’m also a bit confused as where to start reading. Can you please tell me the study path that I need to follow to be a DB2 DBA. The online courses and CBT are very expensive and I can not afford it.


  3. ganesh says:

    kindly suggest me good classes of DB2 DBA.

  4. Ashish Shetti says:

    After my engineering I got selected as a DB2 DBA.
    I am working as a DB2 DBA for around 1.5 yrs.
    I handle PROD,UAT and DEV environment along with my other colleagues.

    I would like to perform some activities like Fix Pack Installation, Version Migration…etc
    Can someone send me resource or links for the same ??
    I would be grateful 🙂

    Mail id:

  5. Mahesh says:

    Thanks for your posts. Is there any help or traning sessions for HADR and SQL / Q replication(Preferrably non IBM)?

    • Ember Crooks says:

      The conferences, especially IDUG conferences are the best source of training out there, if you ask me. There are always good sessions on HADR. I imagine on Q replication too.

  6. Sachin says:

    Hi Ember,

    I am db2 LUW DBA for last 9 years ….. but recently I have started feeling the db2 LUW market share is declining and I am not getting much opportunities to work on this … I also think that do industry really need DBA with skill more than 9 years … although I keep my self-updated with latest db2 LUW release .. I am finding it difficult to get more opportunities. …
    I need your advice what area a DBA should move into after 9-10 years of experience to be in market today … is it Big Data DB like Casandra , Mongo DB or some other stuff…like IBM WCS ( Webspere Commerce ) etc…. please advise…. Or shall I start equipping myself with more RDBMS products like Oracle , Teradata etc….

    • Ember Crooks says:

      I still see a lot of opportunities out there for experienced, talented DB2 dbas. I think there are ways to further your career within DB2 – blogging, writing articles, presenting at users groups and conferences. Personally I’m sticking with DB2, and I think that 9 years is a fine amount of experience. The DB2Night show shared an interesting map of where the db2 jobs seem to be last week.

      There are many good directions to go if you want to move away from DB2. I’ve been yearning a bit to go after a master’s degree in data science – not tied to any one platform. Broadening can be a good strategy if you want to work at smaller companies – Oracle is my first pick as more similar to DB2 than to some of the others, much as I haven’t really enjoyed it. Specializing in an area like WCS is a strategy in the other direction – narrower rather than broader. If you already have application specific skills like SAP or WCS or some other application, then they could be useful to pull on. They are all valid directions to go, and I think there’s growth available in all directions – it just depends on what you enjoy and if you’re tied to a specific area, what’s available in your area.

  7. gowthamkumar says:

    hai Ember, firstly a good valuable article..
    well, I want to know if finding a db2 luw dba job is getting thinner as i hear from outsiders. And is the market of db2 luw already declined or declining in the coming years thereby again finding a dba job will be more tuff.

  8. Karthik Narukulla says:

    Hi Ember,
    Thanks for your post, i do have 6 months of experience as DB2 LUW DBA in IBM. Now i quit from IBM due to my personnel problems, all my problems are got cleared and presently i am trying get into a new organization. Is this 6 months of experience enough????.

    • Ember Crooks says:

      6 months is still a very junior DBA. 2 years is what I think of as a minimum for someone I shouldn’t have to train as extensively, and even that is on the lower side. It depends highly on the person and the type of work you have been doing.

  9. Raghupathi says:

    Am SQL DBA and am planning to learn DB2 ,, Please any one help me to start my life with DB2 in right way…. Thanks in advance

  10. Christina Matias says:

    Hello DB2 DBA Experts, Thanks for your thoughts and sharing your experience..I am curios about this role and i am currently a System Analyst supporting Payroll in the U.S. I was just thinking if I should switch my career to a Database Administration or just like you guys do…but don’t know where to start….need your advise here. thanks in advance.

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