Error on Installation of DB2 /tmp/…: Permission Denied

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  1. Ian Bjorhovde says:

    You don’t have to edit the install script to fix this behavior. You can just set the environment variable DB2TMPDIR:

    export DB2TMPDIR=/db2home/db2inst1/tmp

    In SQL, the problem statement you highlighted is effectively doing:

    set TMPDIR = COALESCE(DB2TMPDIR, ‘/tmp’)

  2. Ben Stringer says:

    This error also occurs if any mounted filesystem contains the substring “/tmp” and is mounted as “noexec”. The installer doesn’t check if “/tmp” is an exact match as the mountpoint.

    The same fix is effective – create a separate temporary area, and point DB2TMPDIR to it before running the installer.

  3. Gopalan says:

    This is a great information. I was in a project where we put number efforts to increase /tmp to 2GB some times we went to rootVG migration. too. So by this way we can avoid and save number of man hours for the db2 upgrade projects 🙂 Thank you Ember. You are the best !!!

  4. Andre Oliveira says:

    Awesome guys!
    I’d also like to share that I could fix issues related to lack of space in / filesystem by using these variables before installing:
    export DB2WORK_DIR=/db2home/db2inst1/tmp
    export DB2WORKDIR=/db2home/db2inst1/tmp

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