How to Tell if a Table is a Part of Stagingprop

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  1. Rahul says:


    We have staging Prop(running once a day) and staging Prop filter(running in every 5 mins to update urgent & frequent data).
    In filter stagingprop, our SCOPE has limited tables(say 10), then whether in consolidation phase of stagingprop filter ,all the references (Foreign Keys) in other tables refering from the 10 listed table’s data are also consolidated ?? or only the listed 10 table’s data are consolidated? what about the same for propagation phase..
    Please explain..I search everywhere for this.

    • Ember Crooks says:

      Only the 10 tables you have specified will be consolidated. The stagingprop process is not aware of which tables are dependent on which other tables, only of the tables it references and the order in which those tables should be processed. Stagingprop may fail if you have operations for the same row in that filter and in another filter somehow – it does look in other filters for the rows it is consolidating, I believe.

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