What to Change in DB2 when IP Addresses or Host Names Change

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4 Responses

  1. Niladri says:

    Cool tips Ember.Good read 🙂
    Just a thought related to the above writeup:
    The hostname change will occur locally as well as at the network level . So one needs to do a nslookup to check the new hostname reflected at the network level also.

  2. Nitin sohaney says:

    Steps 1:- get the new hostname
    bash-3.2# hostname
    Steps 2:-
    Add the hostname into “db2nodes.cfg”
    cd /home/db2inst2/sqllib
    bash-3.2$ vi db2nodes.cfg

    db2nodes.cfg location :- /home/db2inst2/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg

    0 abc 0

    Step 3:- start instance and db
    db2 connect to

  3. Murthy says:

    Thanks for your info.
    Another way to change hostname across all db2 instances
    Login as root and execute the below.

    ./db2iset -g DB2SYSTEM=HOSTNAME

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