SQL1042C on Use of A System Table Function

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  1. Pradeep Singh says:

    hi, this site has bee quite helpful for beginners like me…so here I am returning the favour..
    (So, that any poor guy does not have to bang his head for three consecutive days to find a solution)

    Problem:– On activating the database ,the system was throwing error
    SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred. SQLSTATE=58004 and in the db2diag.log
    you will see error like “buffer pool logical error”,”failed to initialise/calculate the group table memory”

    Check whether you have files SQLSGF.1 and SQLSGF.2 @ ../../NODE0000/SQL00001
    Strangely in my case these files had been deleted (dont know how)
    If you have these files ./db2iupdt -k can do the thing for you.

    But in case you files have also been deleted mysteriously (might be a rouge process)
    you need to follow the following steps.
    Copy the above two files from any existing environment having the same instance_name and db name..doesnt matter how much old they are….or you can restore an old copy of the database in some other environment ..under an instance of the same name as in the case….and extract these two SQLSGF files….and copy them in your environment where you are getting error…
    turned off the self tuning memory manager db cfg parameter

    change the permissions of these files to instance_owner:instance_owner group and restart the instance
    ./db2 terminate
    ./db2 db2stop
    ./db2 db2start

    and activate the database
    turn on the self tuning memory manager db cfg parameter

    and restart the database

    Knowledge for FREE, Knowledge for ALL

  2. Fernando says:

    Hi Ember,

    I’ve got the same issue in a pre-installed instance and the instance update command did not solve the issue, I can not even not start the instance. I’ve dropped and recreated the instance and the same occurred.
    It is running into Ubuntu server.

    Any thought on this?

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