db2commerce.com Year in Review

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  1. Rahul says:

    Great to hear abt your blogging . One of the best db2 blogs for db2 dbas

    How many uniques do you get daily (average) ?
    How much adsense income do you make monthly(average) ?

    • Ember Crooks says:

      I average $10 a month or so from adsense at the end of 2012 – which is clearly not the most lucrative option for advertising I could pick, but it is easy.

      There are three tools I look at my stats in – my hosting provider, WordPress, and Google analytics. Hosting provider shows way more hits than the other two. WordPress is middle of the road, and Google analytics shows the fewest. The numbers I gave were from WordPress. I can only access uniques daily through Google Analytics or the hosting provider, and Google Analytics shows uniques just behind views – In the high 200’s on an average weekday.

  2. Daniel Krook says:


    Congratulations on a successful 2012! I became a Twitter follower in 2012 and get your blog updates via Planet DB2.

    It’s great to see that the tips you post here have also started making it over to developerWorks. I look forward to reading more there and here in 2013.

  3. Michael Krafick says:

    “My DB2 Idol, Melanie Stopfer, mentioned my blog multiple times in sessions. I spent pretty much the whole conference jumping up and down on the inside (and my colleagues may attest doing a bit of actual jumping up and down when no one else was looking).”

    Yes M’am – I believe I actually heard you “squee” when Melanie pointed you out in mid-session and said “That girl right there, Ember, you need to follow her blog – I Do”.

    didn’t someone actually restrain you so you didn’t do cartwheels in the room?

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