DB2’s Got Talent – 2013!

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  1. Dear Ember, I couldn’t have said this better myself. Thank you for sharing your experience and insights on DB2’s GOT TALENT with the DB2 community. Hopefully you will inspire even more people to participate, whether by actively participating or passively learning as an event attendee. Thank you for your many contributions to the DB2 community. It’s an honor to know you. Kind regards, Scott

  2. I would agree 100% with what you said. I work with Kohli (the guy who took 1st last year), and viewing his participation got me viewing DB2’s Got Talent (as well as the DB2NightShow). Through that I found out about you and your blog (one of the most helpful and brutally honest blogs I’ve found about DB2). Your blog has tons of nuggets that I’ve learned from, which has been helpful in that I’ve only been a DBA for about 10 months now (made the switch from Java programmer to DBA – and that by choice 🙂 ). I subscribe to the feed on your blog now.

    I figured I’d even throw my hat in the ring this year and try out for the contest. Good luck to you Ember!
    And thanks for being in it last year! Wouldn’t have found you and your knowledge without it!

  3. Klaas Brant says:

    YES, that’s the spirit Ember. And for the record, you didn’t fail! You’re a pro and it shows in the other DB2Night Shows you did. I’m convinced that the other contestants are going to have a hard time. Looking forward to your presentations.

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