How to Install a Local Copy of the DB2 Info Center on a Windows Machine

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  1. Ian says:

    Do you install the InfoCenter patches to your local installation, too? It appears that the canonical InfoCenter’s content is updated fairly frequently, so I tend to stick to the online version of the documents… In cases where I can’t access it I will revert to the PDF versions that I have downloaded.

    • Ember Crooks says:

      I agree that it changes frequently, and I much prefer to access the online version. Downloading it is merely a backup plan like the PDFs. PDFs would have the same updating problem, and it’s certainly possible that both the info center and PDFs would be unavailable, if you’re depending on being able to download the PDFs in a crisis.

      Having worked exclusively from paper documentation in the past, I understand the PDFs and could easily work from them as a backup, but there are DBAs now who wouldn’t know that “create table” is in the SQL Reference volume 1, while RUNSTATS is in the Command Reference, and information about SQL0803 can be found in volume 2 of the message reference. For newer DBAs, it may be more useful to have an easily searchable backup method in the same format they’re used to.

      Assuming people are using the workstation version of the info center as I described above, the patching procedure is simply to delete it and download the new one. If someone wants to go the networked route, patching is described here:

      • Ian says:

        Yes, that’s a great point – the searchable interface is definitely easier than trying to search across the 39 individual PDFs comprising the documentation.

        It would seem that having a local copy of the manuals would be most useful in a company when installed on a local server that all DBAs/Developers/etc. have access to rather than putting it on your own computer.

        • Ember Crooks says:

          Yes, depending on company size, that may make sense. The other reason I like to have it on my own laptop is because as a consultant, I sometimes get on a client VPN that allows NO outside internet access for contractors, and this way I can still get to the Info Center in that scenario (after also requesting internet access for other reasons like e-mail access and deeper research than just the Info Center). It just depends on the situation you’re in. I’m not saying that a local copy solves all issues, just that if it works for you, here’s how to do it.

  2. vps says:

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