On December 12th, I presented on the DB2 Night Show on HADR and TSAMP Advanced Topics. See the replay here: http://www.dbisoftware.com/blog/db2nightshow.php?id=531

Blog Posts Related to March 8 DB2’s Got Talent Presentation

Friday, March 8, I’ll be presenting on DB2’s Got Talent on the DB2Night Show again. My topic is “A few tips for finding problem SQL using MON_GET_PKG_CACHE_STMT”. I’ll post the replay once it’s available and at that time will ask for your votes in round 2 of the finals.

Here’s a blog post that is related to today’s topic:
My New Best Friend – mon_ Part 1: Table Functions

And my article on developerWorks, which I am very proud of:
Mining your package cache for problem SQL in DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

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