A New Version of DB2 Announced!

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  1. Dmitry says:

    Hello, Ember

    Thank you for good explanation of 10.5 new features.

    Can i ask you where you find info (and may be share it) about incredible results from BNSF ?

    I try Technolgy Preview, but get some strange results for simple select statement emulating fullscan on column-table (in intra_parallel mode 5 time slowly than on row-based adaptive compressed table)

    Best regards, Dmitry

  2. Marcel Csonka says:

    Hi Ember,
    one of the most interesting points was that pureScale on Linux isn’t bound on System x anymore. Actually I didn’t find any information about that, nothing official (including Kepler Information Center) that gives me the confidence to tell our customers that finally they could use pureScale with their desired hardware.

    Can you tell me from where you got this information?


  3. Greg S says:

    Hi Ember,
    Just want to clarify, that exceptional results for BNSF and many other IBM clients database setups used in preliminary BLU evaluation
    was not caused by shifting to a NoSQL , as you may initially suspected, but rather by these major 6 “big things” implemented in the BLU Accelerator module:

    -Extreme Compression
    -Deep HW Instruction Exploatation (SIMD)
    -Core-Friendly Parallelism
    -Optimal Memory Caching
    -Data Skipping
    -Column Store

    Speaking about NOSQL – IBM did included additional support for NoSQL JSON data stores in db2 10.5, but these changes shouldn’t play any role in produced performance results.

    Greg S

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