SQL5005C and Ulimit Issues

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  1. Manohar says:

    I have come across this issue with one of our Mysql database’s , but coming to db2 doing the root installation will set the semaphores at the kernel level by itself which is not supported during very early version of db2 , i use to think some times why not db2 set this ulimit also nevertheless root having privilege to do so, but recognized that it has a db parameter MAXFILOP which is not a one time decision that can be taken by db2 as ir does for semaphores

  2. nitesh says:

    Your blogs are very straight to topic and simple to understand … thanks for so much good knowledge sharing blogs.
    Could you please come out with a blog in which we can get the details about best practice for configuration db2 databases. Things which need to be taken care as a DBA so that we can avoid future performance issue. e.g how to decide logfile size, number of logs, how much space need to allocate in bufferpools ( if we are not using Auto). What system parameters we need to look into e.g swap memory, ulimit value.

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