Installing a DB2 Component After the Rest of DB2 is Installed

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  1. Murali chava says:

    DBT3514W The db2prereqcheck utility failed to find the following 32-bit library file: “/lib/*”.
    hey ember I got same error as above and ended up without not able to start the instance. so again I have downloaded 32 bit file and installed and create soft link to make db2start work again. Am able to start the instance only when I installed that 32 bit libraries.. So my question is didn’t you face the same issue and are you able to start instance without troubleshooting anything.?

    • Ember Crooks says:

      No, I had no remediations to do such as that. I assume you’re not using 32-bit instances(which only exist on certain platforms any more)? If you were, that would explain the difference.

      That particular file would also be used for LDAP, and I am indeed using transparent LDAP on the server where I did this example work, but I keep all of my instance and system ids as local ids. Perhaps your instance id is an LDAP id?

  2. Murali Chava says:

    i’m using 64bit Linux – UBUNTU 12.04 desktop version OS. Installed 64 bit DB2 V9.7 fixpack 6 on top of it. I’m not using LDAP authentication or such. My id are locally created. After going through many blogs, i see that (32-bit) is required for DB2 database servers to run 32-bit non-SQL routines. Link for publib states it clearly needs 32 bit libpam as required prerequisties for installation of DB2 V9.7 64 bit – data server.

  3. Fred Sobotka says:

    Another incredibly helpful tip from Ember. It’s a scandal that the official DB2 documentation doesn’t provide such a clear and concise demonstration for the sort of post-installation adjustments that most DB2 DBAs will eventually need to perform.

  1. February 11, 2014

    […] Installing a DB2 Component After the Rest of DB2 is Installed […]

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