IBM DB2 Certification – A Comprehensive Guide as of Today

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  1. Saurabh Kesarwani says:

    I would like to know the difference in course structure of Db2 V9 and DB2 V10.1.
    What sort of items/techniques/concepts/objects added or deleted?

    Saurabh Kesarwani

    • Ember Crooks says:

      Well, it depends on if you’re talking about 9.1, 9.5, or 9.7, and if you’re using any special features like partitioning.
      Generally speaking, the high points are:
      from 9.1 to 9.5 and above architecture on linux/unix systems changed from multiple processes to multiple threads for a significant performance improvement.
      from 9.5 to 9.7 and above – new monitoring methodology with mon_get functions
      from 9.5 to 9.7 and above – db2haicu and easier integration of TSAMP for automating HADR failover
      Every one of these releases has improvements in the data available in system views and mon_get/monreport functions
      10.5 introduced BLU and additional compression methodolgy – good for data warehouses/decision support systems.
      10.1 introduced multiple standbys for HADR
      Performance improvements across the board in many versions – particularly in 10.1
      9.1 out of service – no additional updates, even for security
      9.5 goes out of service on April 30, 2015

      Those are the big ones that stick out. There are more things – I can’t list them all.

  1. October 12, 2015

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