Journey of a DB2’s Got Talent Winner

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  1. Prasad Pande says:

    Let me tell you this post is THE best of all till now. I will recommend not only those who are going to participate in DB2’s Got Talent but also all others who are freshman in this kind of competition format to read this post before you start. Truly inspirational and there is lot of take away from this for us as well.
    And as usual you made reading interesting with your graphics and funny pics.

    • mkrafick says:

      Prasad, you are way too kind. I have to admit though – it was because of you and others that I was constantly forcing me to improve. It was an honor to compete with you.

  2. rajesh pandhare says:

    Story of Winner 🙂
    Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring, No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out!
    A success well deserved, an occasion worth celebrating! Congratulations!
    I learned a lot through this competition and and I am very glad that I took part.
    And I totally agree with your Dad’s though about Job after graduation 🙂 , wherever you go just do your work right rest leave on karma :).

    • mkrafick says:

      Rajesh, I think you got a bad rap this time through and were eliminated too early. I hop to see you try again next year as you improved leaps and bounds over each presentation.

      • Rajesh Pandhare says:

        I followed advise given by you and Ember closely, I learned a lot from your’s and other participants presentation from 2014 (Some of other very good presenters were Saurabh, Prasad and Ken ), And the result which I got exactly after 1 Year is “I am winner of DB2 GOT TALENT 2015” , and all this I achieved is because of I came across Embers and Scotts blogs in 2013, and my learning started at that moment.
        Lot to learn from all of you, I really feel thankful to GOD for putting all of you in fact all of our wonderful DB2 community in my LIFE. Thank you all and Thank you GOD :).

  3. Chris Aldrich says:

    Congrats Mike! I’ve always been impressed with your DB2 knowledge and your presentation skills. You deserve it.

    And as having also participated in DB2’s Got Talent in the past (4th place 2013), I would highly recommend the experience to anyone. Even if you don’t make the top three and win a prize (I didn’t), the experience you get learning how to present, learning from other DBAs, and building a network with others is completely worth all the hard work!

    • mkrafick says:

      I agree, the intangibles I received out of this contest were amazing. The top prize was just icing on the cake.

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