HADR Tools: HADR Calculator

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  1. anonymous says:

    We turned automatic log compression off.too. If you ever need to do something with a database and archive log files and you have the log files compressed, you are out of luck. We discovered that in a production environment and found it just silly that the vendor wanted us to transmit our log files to them, have them uncompress them and send them back at 2 AM in the morning with no promise as to how many of these we would have to work through manually like this before getting the production environment back online and working. If the vendor wants to hold on to control of when this program is used they can simply use the same approach they use with db2cleancat. Have a new version for each new version of the database and have a 7 day password that you can only get by opening a PMR. Run the program, give it the valid password and uncompress your archive log files so you can use them the way you need to use them in an emergency situation. Otherwise, suffer through a restore of a backup and a partial roll forward if logs backed with that are corrupted too and then suffer through applications playing catch up while your CIO and CEO ask the question, and why do we have you people working for us? Vendors need to get some field experience and then they would understand more about their customers needs.

  2. Vincent says:

    Hi everybody…
    i don(t understand what is represented by :
    – flush duration (what is it)
    – What reprersent the ‘numbers’ (Total 348 numbers, Sum 37504, Min 0, Max 7501, Avg 107.770115)
    so i can’t completely read the output of db2logscan
    Thank you for your answer…

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