Binding DB2 Base Packages for Various Versions

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  1. Andrej Furlanič says:

    Very fresh info: From windows client V10.5.5 to v9.7.10 linux database, regular bind won’t do the job . I had to add ” sqlerror continue” at the end of bind command.

  2. Andre Oliveira says:

    I’m just wondering: What if we use these IBM files and bind all packages from all versions as an step after applying fixpacks and migrations?
    This way it should proactively cover and avoid bind issue from any client version.
    Can anyone think about any capacity or performance impact by binding all packages? From last time I count it was 75 versions/FP’s.

    • Ember Crooks says:

      There is the overhead of performing the binds and the space that all of those packages take up. I have never heard of someone going that extreme with it. I don’t think it would have runtime consequences, but you’d want to test to be sure since it isn’t best practice or a normal practice.

  1. April 28, 2015

    […] Binding DB2 Base Packages for Various Versions […]

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