IDUG North American Technical Conference 2015

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  1. Roland says:

    I guess the moment just before the applause was
    And I can second your list of favourite sessions. This year in Philadelphia was an outstanding good one and I’m looking forward to my next IDUG conference participation, wherever that will be… 😉


  2. Pavan says:

    Ember – As always, you did a fantastic job in this post.
    However, you left out the best learning we had from Mike (Krafick) — “Cards Against Humanity” !! I couldn’t help but giggle when I recollect how much fun it was !

  3. Scott Hayes says:

    Another great blog from Ember! Thanks for the Best Hair award. I and my professional hair and makeup team appreciate that. DBI had 52 people at dinner Tuesday night, and I can still hear the roar of applause that everyone gave you. You have achieved success through your passion for helping others. Well done. And kudos for encouraging your readers to pass it on.

    Session D07 with John Hornibrook, IBM STSM, will be on The DB2Night Show in June. Check our schedule and register! Paul Turpin’s “db2batch” presentation is available as a DB2Night Show replay. Adam Storm has replays available as well, and David Kalmuk is on our show schedule in June. Enjoy!

    Kind regards, Scott

  4. Luke Numrych says:

    Can’t wait for your blog posts sharing all that IDUG goodness! I will make it to IDUG one day as well, I know I will!

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