Multiple Instances in DB2 for Linux/UNIX and in DB2 for Windows

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  1. Andres Gomez says:

    Sometimes, changing the current instance from the same user is not easy nor fast. In order to improve this task, I created a script that ease this process:

  2. AVManojkumar says:

    HI Ember,
    How are u.I have a small doubt when creating instance like can i assign multiple fenced users for single instance.If yes,May i know how to do that(can u name out syntax also)

    AVManoj Kumar

    • Ember Crooks says:

      I always go with one fenced user for each instance. I don’t think you can have more than one for a single instance. You could theoretically use the same fenced user for multiple DB2 instances on a server, but I think that would be a bad idea.

  3. avmk says:

    can i add multiple fenced ids to single instance??if yes can u pls say.

  4. AVManojKumar says:

    1 server with 5 instances, each instance different version, how we can list out all the instances with that versions in 1 command ???

    • Ember Crooks says:

      There is no way that I know of to do it. db2ilist would only list the instances for the code copy or path that it was executed from.

  5. Anmol Masson says:

    How to connect to different instances in a windows server?? eg. I executed db2ilist command on the db2CLI on windows server and got 3 instances DB2, QUIDRO & PLCAT. but by default it connected to only DB2 and showed its databases. Now I want to connect to other instances. How to do that, Kindly advise..!!

    • Ember Crooks says:

      If they’re all on the same copy, you simply need to set the DB2INSTANCE environment variable. This can be done in a command window using `set DB2INSTANCE=QUIDRO` or at a PowerShell command line using `set-item -path env:DB2INSTANCE -value QUIDRO`

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