Locking Event Monitors and Compression

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  1. Scott Hayes says:

    Great story Jim, thanks for sharing. Others might have just sent IBM a check for Compression. You just saved people money! Cheers, Scott @srhayes

  2. Paul Bird says:

    Actually, this should not be a license violation as we deliberately chose to use compression and got permission for this type of event monitor output (UFE). We got permission to do this and there is deliberately no license check in the code.

    if this is being surfaced as a licencing violation or if support is telling you it is one, then there is a problem in our processes which we need to fix.

    Note that this is only true for UFE output and not normal table output.

    • Ember Crooks says:


      Jim opened a PMR with support and was told he must alter the table to remove compression or he’d be out of licensing compliance. Jim emailed you the PMR number and details.

      • Paul Bird says:

        Hi Ember, Jim already emailed it to me and I am chasing down the source of this information… and if the IBM machine has changed its mind, we will change the code so that the default behaviour to no longer use compression. We do NOT play this game of forcing you to pay for unintentional usage 🙂

    • Paul Bird says:

      Hi, I have now tracked down this issue and we need to apologize to you for giving you bad information with your PMR 🙂

      Tables implicitly created by event monitors can legally use compression without putting you out of compliance (i.e. you do not need the storage optimization licence for this usage of compression).

      Unfortunately, a regression was introduced which started having this flagged as a violation in 9.7.9, 10.5.3, and 10.1.4.

      It has been fixed in 10.1.5 (APAR IT06270) and 9.7.11 (APAR IT06434). It is not yet fixed in 10.5 (APAR IT06435) but it is already in the next fix pack which is not yet released.

      I am sorry about the unnecessary concern you were caused and please let me know if you hear of anyone else being told that they are out of compliance because of implicitly created tables from event monitors. I will try to clear up those situations as well.


  1. November 3, 2016

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