Participating in the DB2 Community

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  1. Raul Baron says:

    Hi Ember, thank you for this entry. I always thought exactly that: that my knowledge was so low it wasn’t worth sharing.

    I would like to inspire myself on this entry to encourage people in SPDUG (Spain DB2 Users group) to participate in a more active fashion that they currently do.

  2. Johannes says:

    Db2 is not a commonly named database solution in my country; probably my company is the first and the only company who uses DB2;

    at least I don’t picture myself under fallacy number one 🙂 I would love to expertise and fertile my knowledge of db2; also planning to take Certifications this year June;
    dear Ember, I would be glad and honored if you point me a precise place for a study guide on db2 or share me one ASAP.

    Thank You !!

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