In Which Ember Learns Something New About DB2 Transaction Logging, or HP-UX, or Both

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  1. Eric says:

    I believe DB2 will only check for log space, and the number of primary logs, during activation, not while it is running. Except, of course, when a transaction is running and spans multiple log files. When a query is running and it fills up the log files the transaction will fail with SQL0968C but DB2 does not crash. But in this case the SQL0968C was returned during the rename phase.

    I suspect what happened is when the log file was not able to be renamed, the “sqlpgasn” function simply fails and a Informational level message is written to the db2diag.log. Once the recent log file was archived successfully, the history file was updated and DB2 moves on. DB2 might have crashed once the transactions reached the log file that could not be renamed. I honestly do not know if DB2 will attempt to assign that log file number again if that function fails previously. Reproducing this would be tricky but it would be interesting to see a trace file on it.

    More research is needed.

    Thanks for sharing your interesting find!

    -Eric S

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