DB2 Basics: Patching DB2

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  1. Eric Sheridan says:

    Special builds will only include the APAR(s) that you need in order to do business until the APAR(s) are fixed in a future normal fix pack. Once the fix pack is released the special build is only supported for an additional 90 days.

    From IBM Documentation: “Unlike fix packs, special builds receive very limited testing by IBM and are intended to be used for a limited time until the fix can be incorporated into a fix pack and applied to your environment. DB2 special builds are typically supported for a maximum of 90 days after the fix pack containing the special build fix is officially released.”


    Eric Sheridan

  2. Isaac Munoz Moreno says:

    Thanks Ember for the tips…

    These are the ones I do as well:
    For safety, I like to run online some minutes/hours before downtime: db2 -v “CALL SYSPROC.ADMIN_REVALIDATE_DB_OBJECTS(NULL, NULL, NULL)”

    When I stop DB2 completely, I also run “db2set -null DB2COMM; db2licd -end” to prevent anybody to connect while I’m doing the fixpack (or upgrade) because people make crontab entries unknown to our DB2 team or the Automation Team (Control-M) also forget to stop jobs. This saves me from having an application implicitly starting the database when I’m still busy with some other steps during the fixpack/upgrade.

    We prefer to install the fixpack in a new directory (usually under the same mount point of the current db2 install path), then we just run from the new path db2iupdt (i.e. NEWSWPATH/instance/db2iupdt). This has 2 benefits: 1) we can install the new FP one/two days before so we can be sure no surprises arise (i.e. missing OS filesets, missing permissions, etc.) and 2) if we have to backout, we save some precious minutes because we don’t need to uninstall/install the original old fixpack or reconfigure as much, we just ran db2iupdt from OLDSWPATH.

    Best regards!!

  3. Serak Shiferaw says:

    Hi I am new To DB2 , and was wondering how do i install the fixpacks in order..

    i have DB2 10.5 fix pack 1 but currently IBM is on fixpack 8. does that mean i have to install every fixpack stepby step and one by one like
    install fixpack 2 test it, then proced to installing fixpack 3 …

    with regards

    • Ember Crooks says:

      No, you only have to install the most recent fixpack for that version. You do not have to install all the fixpacks in between.

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