Strange Problem Installing DB2 11.1, Fix/Mod Pack 1 on Ubuntu

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4 Responses

  1. David says:

    Thanks Ember, I have been banging my head against the wall on this one for a while.

  2. Kovi says:

    Well, you might not seen this error when installing 11.1 GA on Ubuntu, but I have. 🙁
    I’ve got a server that was upgraded from Ubuntu Server 12.05 to 14.04. db2setup program crashed even before selecting if I want to install new copy or work with the existing. I got some strange memory corruption error. After installing rpm everything was OK.

  3. Philip Nelson says:

    Ember, thanks for your posting which also saved me a lot of head banging.

    I share your sentiments on lack of testing outside core builds. Since I notice that Ubuntu on zLinux is about to become (if it hasn’t already become) a supported platform, they really need to pay a bit more attention here.

    There is something else going on in this space however. You will find if you dig into the DB2 installation package that there are now .deb (Debian packages as used for Ubuntu) around for all the TSA/MP (RSCT, SAM, etc.) components as well as the RPMs. They may have a partially complete change to the installation routine, where TSA/MP will be available for Ubuntu as well, but they haven’t changed all the references from rpm to dpkg (or apt-get) in the process.

    The whole TSA/MP thing still intrigues me, as it seems that TSA/MP for Wndows is going away. I’m wondering where this is all going to end. Hopefully a new set of cluster manager code that works across all supported DB2 platforms and without all the issues we’ve faced with TSA/MP.

    • Ember Crooks says:

      I have generally been disappointed in trying to automate failover on Windows. I have an unofficial set of instructions on how to do it using MSCS from an IBMer, but I keep hoping they’ll actually publish something on it.

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