Determining Log Span

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6 Responses

  1. murali chava says:

    G8 article Ian, But seems its not working for AIX. Checking on that.

  2. murali chava says:

    Seems some problem with my shell I changed that and it worked, I confirm that its working.
    thank you for the article, It did clear all my doubts.

  3. Shenzu Kawabuchi says:

    hello, I tried this in our linux environment but when I did, the output was

    Usage: ./ then that’s it. 🙁

    • Shenzu, you need to provide the database name to the script. So you’d execute the script as `./ SAMPLE` (replace `SAMPLE` with the real name of your database).

      • Shenzu Kawabuchi says:

        Hi Ian, it worked now, hehehe!! thanks a bunch. As we say it in Japanese, Domo Arigattou Gusaimasu!! always take care!!

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