DB2 Administrative SQL Cookbook: Generating a Comma Separated List of Columns in a MON_GET Table Function

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4 Responses

  1. farhad says:

    what does mean of AVG_ACT_WAIT_TIME in PKG_CACHE_MON_SUMMARY ?
    could please tell me about it

  2. farhad says:

    But what does mean of “database activities” ? Is it about archive log ?
    When I used of MON_PKG_CACHE_SUMMARY I realized the bottleneck in some of query is AVG_ACT_WAIT_TIME. But what is it exactly ?
    You know there are some columns for lock info, preparation info, CPU info , .. that related to database activities and still there is a AVG_ACT_WAIT_TIME column.
    Which kind of activities is it ?
    Could you please tell me more
    Thank You in Advance

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