Establishing a DB2 JDBC Connection

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2 Responses

  1. Craig says:

    Which open source BI tool did you like the best?

    • mkrafick says:

      I did some pretty serious research on BIRT and Jaspersoft and even threw COGNOS and QuikSight in the mix. Although Cognos/QikSight were not “free” per se. Quiksight was eliminated pretty quick because of restrictions. Cognos was a contender but ultamately eliminated because of the expense (and requirement for simplicity/easy of use for non-technical). BIRT and Jaspersoft were head to head, but I believe Jaspersoft took the lead because of how intuitive it was, how easy it would be to spin up, and cost ROI. We were just about to engage in a POC when the project was stopped. But I did a lot of research on the tool itself, compared it to competitors feature for feature, and downloaded the reporting studio. One I didn’t look into was Domo, which is also popular. But Jaspersoft seemed to be the logical choice to take to a POC.

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