SQL1643C on Rollforward

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  1. Erwin Hattingh says:

    Indeed a good approach: Fixing INSTANCE_MEMORY ‘s (making sure they fit in servers memory to prevent Linux OOM ) and not DATABASE_MEMORY ‘s.
    Here we stopped setting DATABASE_MEMORY to whatever static value and set it to AUTOMATIC. Only INSTANCE_MEMORY is static (and well chosen).

    Some years ago on Db2 v9.7.x , I had this scary INCIDENT , 1x instance / 1x database :
    A FATAL db crash recovery, after a ‘simple’ server-power failure (luckily not on a production server), just because the DATABASE_MEMORY was fixed; the crash recovery somehow needed more memory ….
    I could increase the INSTANCE_MEMORY (plenty real memory left on server), and recycle instance, but still the crash db recovery failed , complaining about “not enough database memory” or so … Bummer.

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