I work for a company that focuses on database consulting – Xtivia. I’ve worked there since October of 2014. I lead a team of DB2 DBAs who serve multiple clients and come to work to different challenges every day. It’s a dynamic environment with lots of opportunity to learn new things. Before that, I worked in a role that primarily focused on the build and support of DB2 databases for WebSphere Commerce environments. I started my career with IBM for about 7 years, as a Physical DBA for a number of different DB2 databases both internal to IBM and in support of IBM Global Services’ clients.

I blog on topics related to all areas of DB2 and some WebSphere Commerce topics. I try to come up with both the big and the little topics that I wish I had been able to find better information on or that I think might help others. I’m always happy to get comments and suggestions, so if there’s a topic you’re looking for more information on, let me know.

I don’t make much direct money from blogging. I can just about pay my hosting costs with ad revenue.  I find time to blog on my lunch break and in the evenings, and really am enjoying doing it.

On a personal level, I am a mom to two wonderful young boys, and have been happily married since 1999. My husband is also in a technical field, and is a great supporter. I live in Colorado. My hobbies include reading, sewing, bicycling, and skiing. Not long ago, my older son made a fortune-teller(we called them cootie catchers when I was in school), and the final fortune was “You will get 100 hits on your blog”. I wonder if I’ve been talking about blogging too much…

My current goal is to post once a week. I frequently schedule posts ahead of time to make sure of this.


In 2013, IBM named me as an IBM champion!

In 2014, IBM named me as an IBM Gold Consultant.

My LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/ember-crooks/8/a9b/25a

My Twitter ID: @ember_crooks

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