Author: Ember Crooks


Running DBClean the First Time

This post is specific to WebSphere Commerce. If you’re supporting WebSphere Commerce and you don’t know what dbclean is, get yourself a cup of coffee and start researching. This post does not cover why to run dbclean or what parameters to use with dbclean – search my blog for more posts on that using the search box at the upper...


A Bit of Friday Fun – a Map of RDBMS Geneology

Are you ever, like me, shocked at the smorgasbord of RDBMSes that some projects seem to want to use these days? Sometimes it seems like database management systems that someone on the project’s sister’s cousin’s aunt heard of are used. A colleague of mine shared with me that a project he’s working on is using MongoDB, S3, DynamoDB, and MySQL....


DB2’s Got Talent – 2013!

This year, I’ll be competing in DB2’s Got Talent again. In 2012, I was voted off the island somewhere between 7th and 10th place. I was really crushed, and hesitated to join the competition again this year until a friend put it in perspective for me. He said: If your son was a freshman in high school and missed the...


Comment Spam Fail

For the first 6 months or so that I was blogging on my hosted solution, I watched the spam comments closely, looking for comments that would be falsely marked as spam. Not seeing a single one in that entire period, I stopped watching closely. Well, today, I discovered 5 comments over the last two weeks that were marked as spam...

6 Year in Review

In October of 2011, I switched my blog that I had been sporadically writing (post every week for a month or two, then get busy and not post for 6 months) from a free blog to a self-hosted blog. I knew I had a spot coming up on the DB2Night show in January, and I wanted to get serious about...


db2haicu Haiku

Just a bit silly for a holiday week … should I become “the DB2 poet”? db2haicu Haiku Detect a failure Configure through DB2 Do not split my brain


Guest Bloggers Next Week!

The week of December 17th, I’ll be welcoming guest bloggers once again. Mike Krafick, who did a couple of guest blogs for me earlier in the year (10 Minute Triage: Assessing Problems Quickly (Part 1) and 10 Minute Triage: Assessing Problems Quickly (Part 2)) is teaming up with a great SA to bring us great details on using DB2 with...