Author: Ember Crooks


IDUG NA 2013 Pictures

Ok, this is the last post focused on IDUG NA 2013. I posted something deeply technical yesterday, didn’t I? I wanted to share some pictures from the conference. I snaged these from various Twitter and Facebook posts, so thanks everyone who took pictures. Scott Hayes, Dan Luksetich, Kurt Struyf, and Me (taken by Kelly Fitzgerald) Me with JB, Rebecca Bond,...


IDUG NA 2013 Brain Dump

Wait, don’t avoid reading this because you didn’t go to the conference. There is still valuable stuff here. In fact, it is even more valuable for those who did not go. Last year, I posted my brain dump by basically re-writing all of my paper notes. This year, I’m going to try to make it a bit more organized. It...


IDUG Orlando (yet another post)

I know that every DB2 blogger out there is writting their posts about IDUG and what excites them about it and what their plans are. But I’m going to write my own post anyway to let my readers know what I’m excited about and where I’ll be. First off, I love to meet my readers. It totally makes my day...