Author: Ember Crooks

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Understanding Return Codes in the DB2 Diagnostic Log

I learned a nifty little trick while troubleshooting a connection issue, and thought I would share. It can be useful in getting information out of the db2 diagnostic log. DB2 Diagnostic Log The DB2 diagnostic log has a wealth of information. After over 15 years working with DB2, I still learn new things about how to read it every single...

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Building a Sandbox VM for DB2

There are plenty of things that I want to try in a sandbox VM before I let them anywhere near even a development environment. Even if I didn’t use it constantly for blogging, I would still need it for trying things to see how they work before advising clients. These instructions should never be used to build a development, test,...

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DB2 Basics: The Role of Databases

This blog article should appeal to a wide audience. This article is not specific to DB2, but speaks to the larger role of the database in the IT organization. What is a Database? At the most basic level, a database is an organized collection of information. Technically, you could consider a filing cabinet a database. Even an MS Excel Spreadsheet...