Author: mkrafick


Performance Tuning LOBs in a Transaction Processing Environment

Each Monday, I post a technical blog on referencing my “DB2’s Got Talent” presentation from the previous week. However, my topic for Episode 131 “Sit. Stay. Good LOB. Domesticating your LOBs” was based off my first developerWorks article which was published on the same day. Instead of reinventing the wheel with an abbreviated article, I would like to point...


(AST) Automatic Storage – Tips and Tricks

This article is based off the “(AST) Automatic Storage Tips and Tricks” presentation for the DB2 Night Show (Episode #130) – DB2’s Got Talent competition held on Friday, March 21th at 11am EST. Progression within the competition is based solely on audience voting. If you found this useful, want to see more like this, and don’t want to see a...


Backup Compression Consideration – DB2 COMPRESS vs. GZIP

We interrupt your regular programming for a quick announcement. If you have been reading for a while you know I am an occasional guest writer on this technical blog. I’ve worked this year on expanding my comfort zone with regular articles here, a developerWorks article to be posted next week, and I have entered as a competitor on the...