Author: Pavan Kristipati

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Automatic Bufferpools in DB2 HADR

In this blog post, I will share what I learned about DB2 automatic bufferpools when using HADR. Problem: In a DB2 10.5 (fp3a) HADR environment, during heightened database activity on the primary database, there was delayed log replay on principal standby database. The HADR_SYNCMODE was set to SYNC. Primary and Standby database servers were in the same data center. HADR_SYNCMODE...

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Choosing the right distribution keys in a DB2 DPF database

In a DB2 DPF (Database Partitioning Feature) database, the choice of the right distribution keys is an important decision that DBAs have to make. An incorrect distribution key (also called hash key) could skew the data distribution for one or more tables between the database partitions. This could result in a subset of database partitions becoming the bottleneck for query...