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DB2 Administrative SQL Cookbook: Looking at How Current Statistics Are

Current statistics are vital to performance. If I’m encountering a database I haven’t regularly been supporting, and don’t know the maintenance plans and schedules, I frequently query to get an idea of how current they are. Purpose To report the dates of statistics collection and the number of tables statistics were collected for on each date. Usually a small list...

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DB2 Administrative SQL Cookbook: Finding Problem SQL in the Package Cache

I wrote a developerWorks article on finding problem SQL in your package cache. But I refine and play with my SQL over time, so I thought I’d share the version I’ve been using recently. Purpose To find problem SQL in the Package Cache across several importance performance categories. Computes how bad a particular statement is in comparison to other statements...

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DB2 Administrative SQL Cookbook: Listing Row-Organized Tables

The DB2 Administrative SQL Cookbook is a series of blog entries that are short. Each focuses on one or a few SQL statements that may be useful when administering DB2 databases. They usually address system catalog views, snapshot tables/views, or snapshot table functions that are standard in all DB2 LUW implementations. The version the SQL has been tested on is...