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The Role of a DB2 DBA and of the DB2 Consultant

This blog post was inspired by a DM on Twitter. A follower asked me for ideas on how to best interact with developers and how much expertise to give away. This is a big question with a vast array of correct answers. It is also a subject on which I have a lot of opinions that are wholly mine and...

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Licensing Your Database Software on Virtual Platforms

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on Oracle RDBMS licensing. Please verify any and all licensing statements about IBM or Oracle before relying on them. I am likely biased towards IBM, having based my career on them, but am not an IBM employee. My husband happens to be a Virtualization Architect. This is a particularly useful person to have in...

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DB2 Basics: The DB2 LUW Sample Database

I find the DB2 sample database useful for trying new things and proving to myself how things work. Why Use the Sample Database? The DB2 sample database is useful for a variety of reasons. Testing Connectivity Sometimes when building a new database server, we need to test connectivity from an application server or some random client into the new server....

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Playing With CLPPLUS

I’ve played with the clpplus at least once before, but have generally thought of it as a tool created to satisfy those coming from Oracle and looking for Oracle-like features. One of the features I actually liked about Oracle in the class and certification tests that I took for it was the ability to specify values for an SQL statement...


DB2 Quick Tip: Checking Connection State

Sometimes the connection state is unclear. The following can all make it fuzzy wether or not you have a valid connection: A db2 error or warning related to your connection A system error related to network connectivity Changing VPNs or adding a VPN connection Leaving a connection up overnight or over longer periods This tip is strictly related to the...


DB2 Basics: Executing a Script of SQL

There are quite a few scenarios in which DBAs need to execute a script of SQL. Sometimes developers provide such a script to be executed. Sometimes we just have a large number of commands that need to be done as a whole. File Naming For Linux and UNIX systems the file name does not matter a bit. I like to...