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Troubleshooting with Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Cinderella

It’s that magical time of year again. DBAs excitedly pack their bags for a week-long trip. On-call rotation is hurriedly passed to the next poor soul on the rotation list. Ember dons her trademark pigtails. Melanie Stopfer crams another 20 slides into and already packed presentation. It’s time for the IDUG North American Technical Conference in Anaheim, California. All your...

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The Role of a DB2 DBA and of the DB2 Consultant

This blog post was inspired by a DM on Twitter. A follower asked me for ideas on how to best interact with developers and how much expertise to give away. This is a big question with a vast array of correct answers. It is also a subject on which I have a lot of opinions that are wholly mine and...

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Licensing Your Database Software on Virtual Platforms

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on Oracle RDBMS licensing. Please verify any and all licensing statements about IBM or Oracle before relying on them. I am likely biased towards IBM, having based my career on them, but am not an IBM employee. My husband happens to be a Virtualization Architect. This is a particularly useful person to have in...

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DB2 Basics: The DB2 LUW Sample Database

I find the DB2 sample database useful for trying new things and proving to myself how things work. Why Use the Sample Database? The DB2 sample database is useful for a variety of reasons. Testing Connectivity Sometimes when building a new database server, we need to test connectivity from an application server or some random client into the new server....

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Playing With CLPPLUS

I’ve played with the clpplus at least once before, but have generally thought of it as a tool created to satisfy those coming from Oracle and looking for Oracle-like features. One of the features I actually liked about Oracle in the class and certification tests that I took for it was the ability to specify values for an SQL statement...


DB2 Quick Tip: Checking Connection State

Sometimes the connection state is unclear. The following can all make it fuzzy wether or not you have a valid connection: A db2 error or warning related to your connection A system error related to network connectivity Changing VPNs or adding a VPN connection Leaving a connection up overnight or over longer periods This tip is strictly related to the...