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What is a “Volatile” table?

There is a flag that can be set on DB2 tables to mark them as “Volatile”. But not everyone knows what a volatile table is or what this does, so I thought I’d write a quick post on it. A true volatile table is one that is used only for transient data – data that is put into tables and...


The role of the DBA in supporting WebSphere Commerce

I have generally been a bit disappointed on the information coming out of IBM on supporting Commerce databases. I also meet clients who don’t believe they need a dba or that they can hire someone out of college or with minimal database experience to fill such a role. In my opinion, any reasonably sized Commerce implementation needs a DBA, and unless...


DB2 and Transparent LDAP

Ok, so I know I’m in the middle of a multi-part post on Data Movement between Commerce databases (and I will get back to that), but I found this and had to share it because I’m so excited DB2 has finally added support for it. As of DB2 9.7 FixPack 1, DB2 finally supports transparent LDAP on Unix and Linux!...