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IDUG NA 2013 Brain Dump

Wait, don’t avoid reading this because you didn’t go to the conference. There is still valuable stuff here. In fact, it is even more valuable for those who did not go. Last year, I posted my brain dump by basically re-writing all of my paper notes. This year, I’m going to try to make it a bit more organized. It...


Parameter Wednesday: DB CFG UTIL_HEAP_SZ

DB2 Version This Was Written For 9.7 Parameter Name UTIL_HEAP_SZ Where This Parameter Lives DB CFG How To Check Value > db2 get db cfg for sample |grep UTIL_HEAP_SZ Utilities heap size (4KB) (UTIL_HEAP_SZ) = 70982 OR > db2 “select name, substr(value,1,12) value, substr(deferred_value,1,12) deferred_value from sysibmadm.dbcfg where name=’util_heap_sz’ with ur” NAME VALUE DEFERRED_VALUE ——————————– ———— ————– util_heap_sz 70982 70982...


DB2 Commands: db2relocatedb

I’m pretty proficient with a redirected restore. As a first or second year DBA, I remember being afraid of their voodoo, but I even at one point wrote a redirected restore script (on DB2 7 or 8) that would do a redirected restore of a PeopleSoft database with hundreds of containers, changing the paths in a predictable way on a...