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SQL0752N on Rollforward After Redirected Restore

I’d like to think that I’m pretty decent at backup and recovery. I’ve done hundreds of restores in my career in a vast array of scenarios for real-world recovery, data movement, and fixing developers’ mistakes. Today I saw an error I’ve never seen before, so I thought I’d share. The Scenario This restore was grabbing an older backup image from...


A Couple of db2look Problems

I recently ran into a couple of db2look problems for different clients, and thought I’d share them in case someone else runs into them. db2look is a tool used to mimic databases, objects, or statistics. If you are not familiar with it, check out my post on DB2 Basics: db2look. db2look Problem with Packages Bound This problem occurred when I...


Binding DB2 Base Packages for Various Versions

When connecting between different versions of DB2, you generally need to bind packages from the different versions against the DB2 database. Just because you’ve bound db2ubind and db2cli on the server does not mean that all possible clients connecting in are covered. Sometimes binds happen implicitly, but sometimes they don’t. And you don’t necessarily want to grant a user rights...