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Quick Tip: db2look and Triggers

Just a quick tip today. I’ve been dealing quite a lot with triggers lately, and found the -td option on db2look very useful. I hadn’t had cause to use it before, but it has now become part of my default syntax. In my case, I was moving 963 triggers from a development system to production, and db2look without the -td...


DB2 Basics: Triggers

As with the other entries in my DB2 Basics series, this entry does not cover everything about triggers. Instead, I’m covering the basics and a few important points. DB2 triggers are sometimes over-used and over-complicated. Basically, triggers are actions(SQL) that take place when a triggering action occurs. Triggering Actions For DB2, the valid triggering actions are on a table basis....


Altering database objects in Commerce databases

Like many vended applications, Commerce creates the whole schema of it’s database and this is largely something you don’t mess with. There are, however, some changes that developers or administrators may make. My suggestion is that if you don’t know if a particular modification is supported by Commerce, you call IBM support and ask them. Then if you end up...