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WebSphere Commerce Instance Creation Doesn’t Like DB2 9.7 FixPack 5

This post is specific to WebSphere Commerce. We spent a fair amount of time on this, both on a SUSE server and a Red Hat Server. The problem manifested in different ways. The main thing that became obvious to me is that Commerce was not creating the Commerce database as the dbaUser specified in file, but was instead using the...


Basic scripting tricks for DB2(LUW)

There are a couple of scripting tricks that I always teach when I’m training a new dba. There are some areas where we have to iterate over something that db2 doesn’t provide us with the tools to iterate. Writing statements with SQL I imagine most dbas have used this one before. I’ve mostly used it on Windows where I can’t...


Oracle’s SCN Flaw – could it happen in DB2?

I read an article on a flaw in Oracle that was recently discovered. It had to do with the SCN number that is constantly increasing in any database: Thanks to my friend Fitz for bringing it to my attention – and you really should read all 6 pages of that article – it is fascinating for a database geek....


More advanced SQL analysis

So the basics of analyzing SQL on db2 are in my post on Analyzing SQL. I wanted to go a bit beyond the basics. First, you have to be able to read an explain plan. A couple of resources on that:   I’m not doing to describe reading explain plans at this time, but it is absolutely critical...


What do you script?

This is a quick follow up to my last post – Scripting/Automation for DBAs. In addition to what that post covered, it’s important to think about what you script/automate and what you don’t. My picks for what absolutely must be automated include: Backups Reorgs Runstats In addition, I also automate/script: Clean up of the diag log, notify log, and the...


DB2 Tools Cheat Sheet

By Special request, a DB2 Tools Cheat Sheet. Not all-inclusive, but some of the ones you’re most likely to use in supporting e-commerce databases. Click on the command to get to the DB2 Info Center entry on each one. If you think I’ve missed something important, comment with it. Tool Category Purpose Export Data Movement Pull data out of a...


Scripting/Automation for DBAs

So if you’re in a multiple-dba situation, you’ve probably got one DBA who is the “scripting guru”. If you’re a lone DBA, you’ve either written or acquired from others the scripts for basic automation of the most simple tasks. Everyone has their shortcuts and tricks. I thought I’d write a general post on things you should be aware of when...


Locking Parameters

So I thought I’d write a post covering locking parameters. This is by no means a comprehensive coverage of isolation levels and locking, but more of a practically oriented guide to the parameters available in DB2 that relate to locking. LOCKTIMEOUT This database configuration parameter specifies the time in seconds that a connection will wait for a needed lock before returning an...


Top posts of the year – 2011

So it’s surely a cliché, but since many of my favorite bloggers are doing it, I thought I’d jump on board. So here’s my list of top posts this year. Given the fact that I’m nowhere near 2,000,000 views like Susan Visser, and that I’ve only been blogging for a year and a half, I’m not limiting the list to...


An interesting post on Craig S Mullins’ Blog

So Craig S Mullins is a mainframe DB2 DBA blogger and author- though he writes some cross platform stuff (and even cross-RDBMS stuff), and I’ve read his stuff off and on over the years. He has a good post out about how understanding database technology is not enough: