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An interesting post on Craig S Mullins’ Blog

So Craig S Mullins is a mainframe DB2 DBA blogger and author- though he writes some cross platform stuff (and even cross-RDBMS stuff), and I’ve read his stuff off and on over the years. He has a good post out about how understanding database technology is not enough:                


The WebSphere Commerce Data Model

So I have several posts already on this topic. It’s a big topic, and I imagine I’ll write many more posts on it. But I thought something kind of general would be good. I’ve talked about 10 Commerce Tables You Should Be Familiar With, and about making alterations to Commerce objects, and about general observations about Commerce databases. The main...


Come listen to me on the DB2Night Show

So I’ve got a spot coming up on the DB2Night Show – a popular db2 webcast. I’ll be talking about tips for e-commerce databases in general, not just for WebSphere Commerce databases. Come and listen!     The DB2Night Show Episode #66: Top 10 tips for E-commerce Databases with guest Ember Crooks Join us for a Webinar on January 6...


Newbie differences between DB2 and Oracle

So I’m obviously biased in favor of DB2, but here are a few things that have surprised me to learn are different in Oracle. Terminology differences are rampant. This list is a bit scattered as it’s mostly a brain dump, but maybe something here can help someone. Handling of dates (see post on this) Oracle writes uncommited data to disk...


DBClean – Retention vs. Frequency

A side note on my series on DBClean and data pruning. There are two different things you may express in days. The first is the retention for each pruning area. Each of my posts on specific areas discusses some of the details you need to consider when selecting a retention in that specific area. The other is how frequently you...


How to catalog a DB2 database

So I’m doing a lot of posts in the DB2 Basics area this week. That’s because they are quick for me to write, and they’re questions I get all the time. So bear with me if you read for the more detailed Commerce topics – I’m not abandoning them. DB2 Client DB2 databases can be cataloged on DB2 servers or...


DB2 Databases – the Basics of Storage

So many times it appears that a database expert is not engaged with the Commerce Architecture. This generally means that your Commerce database is on the root filesystem (eek!) and using circular logging. There’s more than that you should change on build, don’t get me wrong. But storage is obviously a biggie whenever you’re dealing with a database. I’m going...



So I generally write my posts a day ahead and schedule them to be posted mid-morning when I think people would be around to see the tweets or other indications there’s a new post. But I was sick yesterday. So it probably looked to my employer like I was posting on my blog when I was too sick to work,...


How to determine your backup/recovery strategy

Determining your backup strategy for a Commerce DB2 database is much like determining your backup strategy for any other db2 database. There really aren’t any special considerations for Commerce that you wouldn’t have for another database. Logging Method By Default, Commerce databases use Circular logging. Circular logging is really not appropriate for OLTP databases. Circular logging means that you cannot...


SQL0569 on Feature Pack – or any other time, really

Ok, so this is an issue I ran into recently. The Commerce guys were trying to install a Feature Pack, and got this: SQL0569N  Authorization ID “<authorization-name>” does not uniquely identify a user, a group or a role in the system. where the <authorization-name> was the id that Commerce uses to connect to the database. They thought they had an...