On December 12th, I presented on the DB2 Night Show on HADR and TSAMP Advanced Topics. See the replay here: http://www.dbisoftware.com/blog/db2nightshow.php?id=531

DB2 Internals: Simple Query Processing

Edited 11/13/2014 to be more specific about coordinator agents. This is the first in a series of blog entries talking about DB2 internals. I have no intimate knowledge from IBM of how DB2 works internally, just years of watching presentations about the internals and doing my best to understand what DB2 is doing to inform [...]

Mike’s IDUG Prague Technical Conference Preview

For me, it’s 1:00am. But for those who hustle and bustle around the airport in Amsterdam it’s 7:00am and time to start the day. It’s an exciting experience for me, traveling internationally for only the second time in my life, as the winner of the DB2 Night Show’s “DB2’s Got Talent” competition. But I am [...]

IBM Insight 2014 – Brain Dump

Whew, what a week. I'm coming out of the conference with at least 20 ideas for new blogs, including a new "Internals" series that I want to work on. I call this post my Brain Dump as I share out random things I learned and ideas. For me, the conference started on Saturday. As an [...]

DB2 Basics: Backups of Data and Configuration

Backups are so ingrained into DBAs. They should really be the first and the last thing we think of and ensure we do properly. We do regular backups so we can get data back in case of some failure, be it human, software, or hardware. We do ad-hoc backups before and after upgrades or fixpacks, [...]

Options to Encrypt Data at Rest in DB2

I thought it would be relatively easy to investigate encryption for our environment. I was wrong, was just plain confusing. This was not because encryption is complicated per se, but that a DBA really needs to have a good understanding of business needs. If you don’t have this understanding, you can get lost in an [...]

Looking Forward to IBM Insight

IBM's Insight conference (the conference formerly known as IOD or Information On Demand) is next week in Las Vegas. It's a large conference that covers more than just DB2, but it is still DB2 geek heaven. I'll be there - stop me to chat if you see me, I love to talk tech with anyone. [...]

Querying Tables for an Activity Event Monitor

I've been working with a developer to profile some SQL from a process he's running. He has no insight into the SQL that the tool is using, primarily to insert data. I thought I'd share some of the details. I still think of this kind of event monitor as a "Statement Event Monitor". I started [...]

Clustering a Table on an Index

I have been playing a fair amount lately with clustering indexes and have been rehashing my views on reorging tables on an index. This is still a work in progress, but thought I'd share some details and see if others out there have any thoughts to share with me and others on it. I've long [...]

A Better Understanding of TSA Resources and States

It is very possible to support DB2's HADR using TSA to automate failover without understanding many of the TSA components and details, and even the TSA commands. I've posted several blog entries on TSA issues resolved without any deeper knowledge of things. In this post, I hope to shed a bit more light on the [...]

Tracking Table Activity using Triggers

There are a number of situations in which a DBA may need to deterimine when data in a table is being inserted or changed. The most obvious tool for tracking this may be using the db2 auditing facility. If you haven't looked at audit for a while, it has been significantly improved in more recent [...]