DB2 Basics: Capitalization

When does case matter in DB2? Well, it doesn't unless it does. Nice and clear, huh? Text must be in the correct case whenever it is part of a literal string. Things that you have to enclose in single quotes are case sensative. select * from table where col1='text' is different from select * from [...]

Journey of a DB2′s Got Talent Winner

I've been encouraged by a few to tell my story. How I was encouraged into DB2's Got Talent 2014, what it was like, decisions I made on the fly, any advice, and what I learned from my experience. To tell you how I won, I have to go back and tell you of the friendship [...]

Last Chance to Vote in DB2′s Got Talent!

Have you enjoyed posts from this blog? Have they helped you? Now is your chance to pay it forward. Go vote in DB2's Got Talent and help YOUR favorite competitor win. I'm voting for Michael (a guest blogger here at db2commerce.com), but go watch the last show to see how really outstanding all of your [...]

IBM DB2 Certification – A Comprehensive Guide as of Today

Edited on 6/25/2014 to reflect the formerly missing tutorials on the IBM sites Nearly every DB2 conference I go to has me thinking about DB2 certification. That is probably because most conferences include free or reduced cost certification testing. I have covered this topic before, so feel free to check out the blog entries on [...]

DB2′s Got Talent 2014 – Grand Finale

Look, I know I say this every week, but what a great week of presentations! I learned something from pretty much all of the presenters. There were 549 voters last week. The top 3 competitors based on votes were safe. The votes were distributed like this: The judges had the option to save one or [...]

Performance Tuning LOBs in a Transaction Processing Environment

Each Monday, I post a technical blog on DB2Commerce.com referencing my “DB2’s Got Talent” presentation from the previous week. However, my topic for Episode 131 “Sit. Stay. Good LOB. Domesticating your LOBs” was based off my first developerWorks article which was published on the same day. Instead of reinventing the wheel with an abbreviated article, [...]

DB2′s Got Talent 2014 – Round 3 of the Finals

At the time of this post, I am not in chilly Denver, but in sunny Puerto Rico! My husband and I are on a 15th wedding anniversary trip to Puerto Rico! But before I left, I wrote up this summary of last Friday's episode. Enjoy! 476 voters this week! This week was a themed show [...]

(AST) Automatic Storage – Tips and Tricks

This article is based off the “(AST) Automatic Storage Tips and Tricks” presentation for the DB2 Night Show (Episode #130) – DB2's Got Talent competition held on Friday, March 21th at 11am EST. Progression within the competition is based solely on audience voting. If you found this useful, want to see more like this, and [...]

DB2 Basics: Quotation Marks

This blog entry may be a little on the basic side, but some of my most basic entries are some of my most popular ones. DB2 has a number of special characters, for which there are rules of use. Both the single quotation mark and the double quotation marks are special characters. The DB2 Knowledge [...]

DB2′s Got Talent – Round 2 of the Finals

And the great content continues. Friday was another great show of DB2's Got Talent on the DB2Night show. This was the first show where folks in the finals round were eliminated. A great wealth of knowledge, and good presenters too. I suggest downloading the show at http://www.dbisoftware.com/blog/db2nightshow.php?id=493. After you watch the show, be sure to [...]