Informational Constraints – Benefits and Drawbacks

One of the most frustrating things a DBA can experience is troubleshooting due to bad data. The client is upset because rows are missing or incorrect data is returned.  The client facing web front end could be displaying gobilty-gook because the data retrieved makes no sense. Resources and energy are burned because of an issue [...]

How to Tell When a Table Reorg is Needed

Reorgs are one critical piece of both performance maintenance and maintaining how much disk space is used. In my first blog entry in this series, DB2 Basics: What is a Reorg, I talked about some purposes of reorgs. In this entry, I'm going to talk about how to determine what kind of reorg is needed [...]

IDUG 2014 North American Technical Conference

Wow, overall, the conference ran so smoothly this year. I saw very few issues. The sessions were well clustered by track and all located in a small area. It was nearly always clear where to go and what was going on. My hat is off to the IDUG Conference Planning Committee - I cannot imagine [...]

What does a Commit mean in DB2?

Database management systems have the concept of a commit. This concept has to do with grouping sets of actions together such that they all succeed or fail as a group. This represents the A in the famous ACID properties of a transaction system. The A stands for Atomicity - meaning that a transaction may consist [...]

Relocating the Instance Home Directory

Sometimes you just have to think out of the box. Sometimes there isn’t an answer on google. Sometimes you have to bend the laws of physics to get the answer. Sometimes you get lucky. I had a problem, I desperately needed to relocate where my instance was physically installed and move it from one filesystem [...]

Upcoming Sessions at IDUG 2014 – Phoenix, Arizona

Are you ready yet? Have you started to throttle your work for the week, arrange a backup, even packed a bag? The 2014 IDUG Technical Conference is only a week away. Ember did a fantastic job on her IDUG write-up, so I am not going to duplicate her effort. However, I do want to relay [...]

DB2 Basics: What is a Reorg?

This is the first in a series of blog entries on reorgs. I was talking with a friend recently, and he pointed out that I only have a few articles on reorgs, and they're very specific to complicated parts of reorg. I have scripted my own reorgs and made a point of educating myself on [...]

IDUG NA Technical Conference in Phoenix – May 2014

I'm so excited! The IDUG North American Technical Conference is less than a month away. Much like Melanie Stopfer mentioned in her blog entry on IDUG, this is one of MY favorite weeks of the year. There's something about the IDUG conference. I have been to IBM's DB2-related conference (which they're now calling IBM Insight), [...]

Ember on DB2Night Show on April 18th!

Thanks to a late cancellation on the DB2Night Show, I'll be presenting on Friday, April 18. I'll be talking about why low-cardinality indexes negatively impact performance. It is the same topic as my developerWorks article, but I think it comes across better in a presentation format. It's a really detailed topic, and I really enjoy [...]